pharmaThe pharmaceutical industry in South Africa continues to grow despite concerns around medical inflation and the implementation of restrictive regulations. The burden of diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB and lifestyle diseases like Diabetes have boosted the demand and use of medicines in this region.

The market has seen growth in the use of generic medicines which is in line with the Department of Health's (DOH) policy towards finding ways to provide South Africans with access to cheaper and life saving drugs which ensures that the market remains competitive as well as innovative.
The South African market comprises the following:

  • Originator medicines
  • Generic medicines
  • Complementary medicines

Litha has identified the pharmaceutical sector as a key growth area for the Group and focuses on all three product sectors. The emphasis is on acquiring more generic medicines, given the trend towards generic utilisation in this market which is being achieved through organic growth and acquisition.


Litha Pharma



 This market has been a key strategic growth area for the Litha Group and 2012 it acquired the Pharmaplan business and aligned itself with Paladin Labs Inc of Canada to ensure product continuity and long-term sustainable growth. With the recent acquisition of Litha by Endo International plc, this business will have access to new product pipelines and will benefit from international expertise which comes from being part of a global, multinational business.